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Garden dropper edging is one of the ways to give your home an excellent aesthetic appeal. Lawn edging, primarily using wood poles, contrasts with the plants and flowers. It creates a barrier between the garden, and green grass, helping each section thrive. Wood dropper garden Edging for sale near Knysna, George and Plettenberg bay. Also for sale nationwide.

Garden Dropper Edging Using Wood

Regardless of the type of material, garden edging serves the following purposes:

– Easily creating flower bed edging
– Low-garden fencing
– Separating areas of the garden
– Protecting the vegetable garden

garden dropper edging

Benefits of Dropper Border Edging

Apart from the obvious aesthetic benefits, garden edging creates a permanent boundary between sections of your garden. By separating the plant beds from the grass, garden border edging has the following advantages:

1. Easy Maintenance

Garden edging separates sections of your garden. The grass and plants sit in different areas. It is easier to organize, clean, and maintain. For example, the grass won’t grow into the plant bed, eliminating worries about physically separating the two. Also, mulch remains in the plant bed, making it easier to clean the grassy area.

2. Defining Garden Pathways

Lawn edging helps define the pathways around your garden. There’s no confusion among visitors concerning where they should pass. That’s an effective way of protecting your plants and grass from damage.

garden bed dropper edging

3. Reducing the Frequency of Weeding

Garden border edging protects your plant garden from invasion by weeds. It keeps the grass out and helps you avoid frequent weeding. Besides, edging helps mulch stay within the plant bed, preventing the emergence of weeds.

4. Controlling Growth of Plants and Grass

Garden border edging creates a barrier between the plant bed and grass. Therefore, the plants cannot grow on the grass lawn. Furthermore, the edge stops the grass from spreading into the plant bed, where it isn’t needed.

5. Creating Aesthetic Appeal

Apart from simply demarcating the plant bed and grass areas, garden wooden dropper edging improves your garden’s aesthetic appeal. For example, wood garden edging creates a contrast with the greenery, making your garden look better.

When to Use Wood Garden Edging

Wood is one of the most preferred materials for fencing and garden edging. It is readily available and comes with many advantages over other materials.

If you’re looking to install wooden edging in your garden, you may have to buy posts measuring 1m to 4.2m long and varying width to meet your desired needs and then cut them down to sizes ranging from 200-600mm depending on your need.

flower bed edging

Benefits of Using Wood for Garden Edging:

1. Creating a Neat Appearance

Did you know that wooden edging can give your garden a refreshing, neat appearance? It separates your garden from the grass, helping each section grow independently. When visitors come to your home, they will notice the beauty created by the distinct elements when viewed together.

2. Doesn’t Require Building a Foundation

Most other edging materials like steel and concrete require building a foundation beforehand. Without foundation, these materials wouldn’t hold up effectively. On the other hand, you do not need to create a foundation to install wood edging for lawns. All you need is to dig holes for the poles. Once that’s done, you can place each pole in a hole and construct the fence.

wood garden edging

3. An Attractive Natural Look

When used as edging for lawns, the wood helps maintain the natural look. The plants, grass, and flowers look better when secured by wooden lawn edging than steel, stone, or concrete. Besides, it has no foundation, which might interfere with the growth of the plant roots.

4. Pressure-Treated

The wood used for garden log roll edging is pressure treated with chemicals. Machines apply a lot of pressure, pushing chemicals right to the core of the wood. That prevents the wood from rotting or getting destroyed by termites and other insects. Using such materials results in what’s called pressure-treated wood garden edging, a cheaper yet more durable way to demarcate different sections of your garden.

5. Wood Edging Is Versatile and Customizable

Did you know how versatile and customizable wood garden edging can be? It is easier to pull down wood lawn edging and install it in a different part of the garden. All you have to do is remove the nails, pull down the poles, and shift them whichever way you wish.

Other garden edging materials are not as versatile and customizable. If your edging is made of a concrete wall, you have to bring it down in its entirety before remaking it. Welded steel edging is also difficult to customize.


For a successful garden dropper installation, go for wood. It is an affordable material that gives your garden a natural appeal. Once it’s treated, the wood can last long, resisting the ravages of fungus and harmful insects.

Pressure-treated wood garden edging is the best. In South Africa, the best wood droppers conform to the CCA standard. We have some of the best wood droppers in all sizes. You have to choose the right size of droppers for the intended work.

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